In the biosphere reserve

The head of cattle in reservatauro

Created in 2011 by Rafael Tejada with cows and studs from a breeding farm in Seville called HermanosSampedro, whose owner was Juan Pedro Domeq y Dìez. The head of cattle graze in the pastureland Don Bosco in Ronda. The origin of the brand (reservatauro) it was also created in 2011 and it belongs to the association of breeders of Lidia.

La Dehesa: The pastur land where the cattle graze.

• The ecosystem within the pastureland is the most characteristic in the southern Spain . It allows human actives co-existing in harmonywith environmental conservation and sustainable development, which has been and is still a reality. Andalusia has more than 1.25 million hectares of pastureland.

Rafael Tejada de Ronda, bullfighter.

His story is quite unique and singular. His passion for bullfighting dates back to his childhood but he didn’t have the opportunity back then to pursuit this calling at the same age as the rest of bullfighters take the first steps in this art. Rafael spent that time as any other child, in school and following his studies to University, where he obtained a degree Engineering by the Polytechnic University in Madrid. He made a living at first as a Civil Engineer and for a number of years he developed with great success his work in real estate businesses.

His vocation continued to grow year after year, until 2008, when it became unbearable and Rafael decided to take a U-turn, leaving everything behind to pursuit his real passion: the bull.

• Modern and adaptable installations.

• The pastureland has around 200 hectares and is close to the A-367 road and only 5km away from Ronda.

• A main salon of 350m2.

• A salon for private meetings.

• A terrace which is more than 500 m2 big

• Picnic areas

• A testing ring (plaza de tientas)

An unique place

  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Respect for the animal world
  • Visitors service
  • Spectacular Scenery

A paradise in Ronda