What is it and how to visit Reservatauro

Reservatauro Ronda is a farm of bulls and horses living in the countryside in a spectacular Mediterranean pastureland just 5 km away from RONDA near the road. An area declared Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

Reservatauro Ronda offers visitors the unique opportunity to dive into the habitat of the bull in the heart of the "Dehesa". During the travel and in hands of professionals we will share the secrets of breeding and selection of the bull, watching in short distance the bulls, the yearlings, the utreros, "bulls with 3 years old "the mother cows with calves born this year, fantastic stud farm raising foals besides observing the flowers and beauty of the Serrania de Ronda.

Finally, we come closer to the world of bullfighting in hands of the bullfighter and breeder Rafael Tejada, owner of the farm, visiting his training and where we will have the opportunity to "catch professional cape" of fighting.”

We have two different types of visits in terms of duration(1 or 2 hours), privacy and related services.


The reservation will not be firm until there is a confirmation of the date and time selected by Reservatauro

Tipos de Visita

Niños Adultos
Entre toros y caballos 12 € 25 €
Con los cinco sentidos 20 € 40 €

Los grupos deben realizar reserva previa en el teléfono 951 166 008 o a través de info@reservatauro.com

Disponemos de otras tarifas para agencias de viajes y TTOO.

Precios reducidos para asociaciones y peñas.



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  • 1000 - 1900