Rafael Tejada de Ronda, bullfighter.

His story is quite unique and singular. His passion for bullfighting dates back to his childhood but he didn’t have the opportunity back then to pursuit this calling at the same age as the rest of bullfighters take the first steps in this art. Rafael spent that time as any other child, in school and following his studies to University, where he obtained a degree Engineering by the Polytechnic University in Madrid. He made a living at first as a Civil Engineer and for a number of years he developed with great success his work in real estate businesses.

His vocation continued to grow year after year, until 2008, when it became unbearable and Rafael decided to take a U-turn, leaving everything behind to pursuit his real passion: the bull. He began his training and in March 2009 he made a triumphal debut with picadors in San Roque´s charming bullring, where he was carried out shoulder high through the main door, taking many by surprise. His career as “novillero” took place fleetingly over 2009 and 2010 seasons, with performances in some important arenas such as Córdoba, Pto. Sta. María, Melilla, Almagro, etc.; where he confirmed a good preparation and a concept of bullfighting very characteristic of his hometown, Ronda. In 2010, on his second year as “novillero” with picadors he was seriously injured in the bullring of Cieza (Murcia), receiving one of the most serious gorings of the season. The “novillo” (a 3 year-old bull) from Millares’ bull ranch inflicted a 30cm long injury in his right thigh. This incident, far from intimidating the bullfighter, confirmed him even more in his search of the bull.

In 2011 concluded his stage as “novillero” pardoning a “novillo” in Antequera, to later take the “alternativa” (ceremony in which a novice becomes a professional bullfighter or Matador) in the bicentenary octagonal bullring in Aguilar de la Frontera by the hand of Finito de Córdoba and with Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” as a witness. The bulls of the day came from Hnos. Tornay’s breeding ranch, and Rafael obtained the trophy of the two ears of the bull of the ceremony. From that day until today, he can count his appearances in triumphs.

Nowadays, the Maestro Tejada de Ronda combines his side as bullfighter with an important and relevant project in his ranch in Ronda, Reservatauro, where in addition of breeding his own fighting bulls, he strives to bring closer and transmit to the general public his passion for these animals, at the same time that he teaches the cultural and historical values of the “fiesta” to thousands of people visiting this Natural Park devoted to the fighting bull, nowadays established as a tourist reference in the city known as the cradle of bullfighting.

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