A unique opportunity to get to know, first hand, the fighting bull and the Andalusian Horse in a privileged environment in the heart of an Mediterranean pastureland.

Discover by the hand of our guides the world of the breeding of the fighting bull along the visit of the facilities of a working ranch. Step inside the Testing Bullring where the selection of the cattle takes place, visit the pens for direct work with the animals and next embark on a tour amidst centenary holm oaks in the Biosphere Reserve along which you will get to know the bulls and the horses through all the stages of their development.

With this special visit you’ll have the chance to accompany the herdsman of the ranch in one of his daily tasks, such as feeding the cattle that lives free range on the property. A unique experience and a time of great excitement for the bravest! After the tour you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with some of our most special horses in the stables and the practice ring, where you will meet our Picador’s horse and the Pure Spanish Horse stallion. On the Practice ring where the bullfighter trains daily seize the moment to discover for yourself the tools of the trade: capote (pink cape) and muleta (red cape) and practice a pass or two.

The Experience with your five senses concludes with a tasting of Ronda´s red wine and tapas (appetizers) of local Iberico products, the ideal moment to enjoy the environment and share the experiences and events of the day. This experience has a duration of approximately 2 hours.

Dare to enter the territory of the bull

40 € adults - 20 € children