Rafael Tejada from Ronda, Bullfighter

I invite you to discover all the secrets of the breeding of the brave bulls and horses…

A particular bullfighter

His case is unique and very particular, with a vocation since he was a child he didn´t had the opportunity to develop his passion at the same time as other bullfighter started with this art. Rafael lived his childhood like any other child studying and going to the University where he managed to achieve the Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. After this he made his future working as a Civil Engineer and he developed his work in the world of real estate business with great success for years.

Radical change in his life

The vocation grew year after year until 2008 it became untenable and Rafael decided to take a radical turn in his life to leave everything behind and start the real search for his passion, the bull. Firstly he started training and in March 2009, he made his debut with picadors in a triumphant way in the charming San Roque’s bullring, leaving on the shoulders through the big door and surprising both locals and foreigners. He developed his novillero career in the seasons between 2009 and 2010 with performances in important places such as Cordoba, Pto. Sta. María, Melilla, Almagro, etc. leaving evidence of a good preparation and Ronda’s concept of bullfighting.

A shock in the ring

In 2010, the second year as novillero with picadors he was seriously injured in the ring in Cieza, Murcia, where he received one of the most serious goring of that season, a bull from Millares left him a scar of 30 cm in the right leg. This mishap, far from intimidating the bullfighter, come to reaffirm it even more in his search for the bull.

A dream come true

In 2011, he finished his career as Novillero saving a novillo in Antequera, then he took “la alternativa” in the bicentennial and octagonal ring in Aguilar de la Frontera, with Finito de Cordoba and the Maestro Manuel Dia “El Cordobés”, fighting with bulls of Hnos Tornay here he was able to cut the two ears in the ceremony.

The news of Rafael Tejada

Currently, Maestro Tejada from Ronda, combines his facet of bullfighter with a project of great importance and relevance in his estate in Ronda, Reservatauro, where in addition to raise his own livestock, he transmits his passion for these animals, and teaches the cultural and historical values ​​of the festival to thousands of people who visit this Toro bravo theme park which is a tourist reference in the birth place city of bullfighting nowadays.